Gainsight assist not showing

  • 7 November 2023
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Hello, everyone.

One of my CSMs is getting the image below when trying to connect Gainsight to e-mail.

What are some ways to toubleshoot and fix it?

Thanks in advance!



4 replies

We are experiencing the same thing due to the Chrome update I assume.

We’re seeing the same thing -- it’s installed but not visible/usable

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@Manoel There’s currently an ongoing issue with the Gainsight Assist Chrome extension which Gainsight Support is working on. The latest update from them is that they submitted an enhancement to the Chrome Web Store but it may take up to 3 days before it’s reviewed and published. Here’s their status page with further details.

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Happily, the issue has passed, and the Chrome extension appears to be accessible and functional once again.

Direct link to the updated extension: