Gainsight to SalesForce Field Integration

  • 16 February 2023
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I apolgise if this is a silly question. I am new to learning the inner workings of gainsight so everyday is a school day.

I know where to go to see what data comes from Salesforce (Connectors) but is it the same place to see what fields are updated FROM Gainsight TO Salesforce? How do know which fields are drive one way or both ways? 

What I want to achieve - we had a contractor help us so they did all this work setting up, but now its not working as it used to. A field (PM) is a two way sync, so if I want to change a PM on a client I have to ask SalesForce to be updated and not just update Gainsight as its a two way sync, it tries to update from GS to SF but then updates first from SF to GS which put the original person in that field. How can I change that sync? Where in GS is that functionality Connectors // Rules Engine? 



2 replies

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Hi @kvine 

The connector doesn’t write back to Salesforce. Writing back to Salesforce would take place in Rules Engine (or API). 

You can either look through Rules Engine (based on folders or naming conventions) to identify rules that write back to Salesforce) or better yet, use Object Analyzer where you can visualize data flows between systems and get a list of rules that write to SFDC.


And when you click on a flow to an SFDC object, you’ll get the list of rules that write to SFDC:


Hope this helps!

Hi @alizee 


Thank you so much this is a massive help!