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Regarding this post re: Generative AI Gainsight Debuts Generative AI Customer Success Capabilities at Pulse Conference | Gainsight Software


What are the timeframes you expect Generative AI functionality to be avaiable for use in the product?  For example, when will the ‘Customer Cheat Sheet’ roll out?  


We’re a bit unsure as to whether or not Generative AI is already available.




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It’s my understanding the Generative AI capabilities are currently in a beta program stage (Horizon AI Beta Group). but I’m not aware of any related timeframes or estimates for widespread deployment. Following for updates. 👀

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@shantan_reddy, anything we can update about our plans here? 

cc @kstim 

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Hi everyone,

Cheat sheet, Meeting Assist and Takeaways will be available for everyone from November 15th.

These are the first 3 Generative AI features - expect more in the coming quarter!




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? the day has come!