Getting CTA Alerts but see no CTAs in "My CTAs"

  • 27 November 2023
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New GS Admin here, hoping someone can point me to the source of my challenge…

I am receiving an alert for No New/Next QBR Dates CTAs, which is a CTA we created for deployment, however, I am the GS Admin, not a CSM, and it appears that I am the default contact if the account doesn’t have a named CSM assigned.

My challenge? where does one set a default contact in a CTA, so I can correct this? I can’t find it in the rules engine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your knowledge and consideration!


2 replies

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@ericbmuller  In the rule engines, You can find the default owner option  in the

 “Action step” in the rule that triggers  the CTA’s mentioned above

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@Harika Singadi is right on.

Note also, that very same Default Owner can also appear in CTAs created within Journey Orchestrator / Digital Journey Programs. Different source, but same principle.