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  • 10 March 2023
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Hi Everyone,

We are facing an issue in using global filter for a specific requirement. 

Scenario: “Example Industries Ltd” is a parent company for the following child companies:

  1. “Example ER Ltd”
  2. “NL Example International Ltd”
  3. “Raizon sales”

Need to apply a global filter to the dashboard to get data of both parent and child accounts in all the reports of dashboard.

Each Child account has a parent Id where as parent account has null in the parent id field.

Challenge: Cant use Parent id OR parent account name as filter as we cant use OR condition in global filter. Cant use account name as filter since few child accounts doesn’t contain “Example” in the account name.

2 replies

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One potential solution here would be to trek away from using the filters on the existing field(s). Instead,

  • Add a custom field to your Company object, perhaps naming it “Company Family”
  • Populate Company Family by rule, such that if the Company has a parent, it populates with its parent. If the Company does not have a parent, populate with itself.
  • Build and filter your report based on this Company Family.

That solution would scale to all scenarios where you have this “Company Family” paradigm, and breaks you away from reliance on Company Names, which is often a dicey proposition. Company Family could easily become a Global Filter.

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Cool Idea @matthew_lind!