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  • 15 February 2023
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Hey Folks,


Often we don’t take time to recognize/call out when things are positive; just wanted to pass back my thanks to the Gainsight Product and Engineering teams who have been working on the Horizon Rules Engine updates.  For users who use Rules Engine to create complex solutions, the Horizon update to Rules Engine represents a massive paradigm shift in usability and functionality.


Although the Horizon update isn’t without (some significant) issues, the good changes the feature brings definitely outweigh the negative, and mostly there are some workarounds to the existing issues. Congratulations on the successful launch of the feature, and I hope the team are able to continue to iterate on the foundations laid in v6.35.

3 replies

Absolutely second that. I have worked on a complex rule and it saved so much of time because we can instantly check the data preparation results after each task and need not wait on the execution results. Thanks much @rakesh and team for working on this.


Quick question : With bionic rules, we had a great flexibility of cloning and modifying the actions which was a real time-saver. The action part in Horizon Rules is a bit long route compared to Bionic. It doesn’t have the cloning options and the number of clicks are increasing when the number of actions are more. Do we have any plans to enhance this?

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Hi Stuart, Sai,

Thanks for the post. 

We are in process of improving the cloning flow. Basically we are doing 2 things :- 

1) Ability to name no criteria 

2) Ability to clone criteria + actions

With this, you should be able to do anything you were doing in Bionic Rules flow as long as you name your criteria 

Fantastic, thanks much, Rakesh. :)