How to create help text for success plan fields?


Hi Community!

Any suggestions on how to create help text for custom fields on a Success Plan?

Things I’ve tried:

  • Doesn’t look like I can create a non-editable, static rich text field with a default value. 
  • Field name limited to 45 chars
  • Description text for a field not shown anywhere, except when editing the custom field
  • Calc field (string or rich text field) has some strange behavior, but might work … it only displays about 50 chars of text, but then has bubble popup that shows much longer text.  Note:  this bubble popup is what I’m looking for if I can’t get a field with full text displayed.
  • Field name has a bubble popup, but only shows field name and not description

I can’t be the first person wanting this capability, so I’m either missing something or need some creative solutions to resolve … 



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@mtwoodward  - Please correct me if I’m wrong, you want a field in the Success Plans Plan Info section that is Non-editable and contains a fixed(default) text right?


Hi Ramya

Yes, since there doesn’t appear to be a bubble help option on fields.  So I thought we’d just create a field with the help text, make it non-editable, and position it above a field on the page that allow a user to enter information using the help text as directions/guidance.

String fields can have a default, but only if used in a Data Load Mapping?