How to deactivate Gainsight Users based on deactivation in SFDC?

  • 10 January 2023
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Hi all - hoping to get some ideas on how to best automate / streamline license management.

Currently, our User sync (via the Integration) is setup to ingest any SFDC users where Active = TRUE.

However, we don’t have a mechanism for detecting and disassociating GS licenses when a User becomes inactive in SFDC.


Wondering how people have set this up.



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Hello - I do this with a Rule in Rules Engine. It does a fetch for non-active users in SFDC and a fetch of active users in Gainsight. Then it merges the two datasets, only retaining the common records based on SFDC User ID. The Action is a Load to Users, which flips the Active field to False.

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@simonechen Awesome question.

This scenario is very familiar to me. Setting the integration to Users where Active = TRUE seems so logical up front, until you realize then your Users can never catch that moment when your users become Inactive. 

I’ve solved this issue via automation with a Bionic Rule. In your Rule:

  • Fetch all the SFDC Users who are Inactive (bring their SFDC User ID in)
  • Fetch all the Gainsight Users who are Active (bring their SFDC User ID in here too)
  • Merge the two datasets on the SFDC User ID, using a Common Join. You’ll now have all the Users who are Inactive in SFDC and also Active in Gainsight.
  • Set an Action of Load to User, where you set the field Active to FALSE.

You can schedule this rule to run daily or weekly, depending on the volume of changes you have in your SFDC User list.

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@matthew_lind provides the verbose version 

Amazing - thank you all for your answers!