How to format calculated field

  • 4 April 2023
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Hi all!

I was originally hoping to make a calculated field off of another calculated field but that appears to not work.

Is there a way to achieve something like the following?

((gsdateDiff( oldest_contract_start_date__gc , gstoday( ) , 'DAY' )) % 90)

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Hi @simonechen 

Indeed, and I share this frustration.

What I’ve done for this is:

  1. Calculated field as a normal calculated field
  2. Rules engine to calculate the second formula, so the 90% formula, where you’ll have an action to write the 90% value to the relevant field in your object in data management

It’s a workaround - the downside for it is of course more infra, the non-instant update and making CSMs understand why that field is a little different and does not react instantly. 

You can also upvote this idea which is a somewhat related: Nested formulas in the MDA | Gainsight Community