How would you set up your rule for a recurring CTA?

  • 6 April 2022
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The use case is we want to trigger a CTA for customers with expiring, unused professional services.

Depending on how close that customer is to having their professional services expire, different playbooks would apply, as urgency increases. We envision this being a 30 day cadence (so for example, starting 120 days before the expiration of services, a CTA would trigger, then again at 90/60/30 if they still have unused services).

I'm getting lost in the variety of checkboxes on the "Create CTA" action.

  • How do I ensure a CSM isn't getting too many stacked CTAs if they don't close out the previous one?
  • How do I have the CTA provide a different playbook & name as the services approach expiry?


I’ve thought of having Create CTA actions at 120/90/60/30 and then a separate rule for Close CTA actions at 91/61/31 to close the CTA as Closed Success if the services were fulfilled, or Closed Lost if the services were still unfulfilled. 



1 reply

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