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  • 11 December 2018
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One item that my team has asked me about is the ability to forward internal recipient emails to the Timeline. One use case is the correspondence between a product manager and the CSM regarding an escalation or roadmap discussion related to a single customer. They've asked for the ability to tag an account to emails so they can utilize the email to timeline feature rather than copy paste. The breakdown of customer facing emails to internal customer related calls is about 60/40 so they're pretty keen to have some way to automate that piece as well.

As a workaround, they've asked if it makes sense to add the relevant internal account teams to the person object. My thought is no, but curious what you folks think is the best approach?


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6 replies

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+1, this would also be valuable to us. Curious to hear the GS team's recommendation here!

Is there a way to use the email to timeline feature to log internal emails from one employee to another? What do you put in the “To” field if this is already possible? Sometimes internal communications are just as important to have as reference in timeline as client communications, and I feel like this may be something already possible that I have just missed, somehow.

I have been searching for any information on this as well. Would love to see an update or answer as internal communications can be just as important as client emails and vital to be put in timeline

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Because Timeline entries are tied to the Account, I think you would have to log these manually. Even if your company had its own C360 in your Gainsight instance and you loaded your internal users to the Person object, your emails would just be associated with your company and not the client you’re discussing. I would love to be wrong though! I do think there is value in adding internal communications like this to the process. Just not sure how it could be configured as the feature stands today.

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Hello All,

We have released Gmail plugin, which allows emails you send whether internal or external to be logged to timeline in one click. Check out more details  here

If you are not Gmail users, we will be releasing outlook add-in soon, please sign up for BETA.

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How does the Gmail plugin really address this use case though? It still tries to resolve the recipient to a Company so the internal user email is not resolved? Thanks @chethana !