Is it possible to assign CTAs in bulk to Account within a live Cockpit/Playbook? (Not manually)

  • 22 November 2022
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Question: How do we assign a manual CTA to multiple accounts at the same time within a live Cockpit/Plabook?
Use case: Showcasing the Email Assist feature within a playbook, we want to make this feature known to the CS Managed teams and offer a CTA each CSM can "opt in to" for each one of their accounts. This feature would be ideal for informational emails that the CSM can choose to send to accounts of their choice. 

We just need to create a CTA and Playbook that will live within cockpit. And then we could assign the CTA to any CSM account we want (or they could do it themselves). The only thing we don't know at this point is if we can assign the CTA to multiple accounts at one time without using a play.




4 replies

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@Melany have you got the answer to your question?

@Ravinder Singh Hi Ravinder, thanks for your reply. No, I haven’t.

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@Melany Apologies for asking again, are you looking to create CTA’s in bulk for all the active Accounts? Do you have any criteria in mind? Or pick all the active accounts irrespective of Stage/ or other parameters?

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@Melany A single CTA record is always linked to one and only one Company, or one Relationship. If you wish the same activity to happen on 2 Companies, then you need 2 CTA records.


There’s also no concept of changing the Company a CTA record is linked to. The Company is specified at the moment of creation and cannot be amended after creation.