Is it possible to create a rule to reassign CTAs?

  • 12 February 2020
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As the admin, I am defaulted assigned for majority CTAs. I want to create a rule so that if the account ends up with a CSM after the CTA is created, the CTA is reassigned from me to the CSM. Is this possible?


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Hi Andrea,
I have checked in Gainsight NXT and my answer is:
we dont have modify CTA option in rules and also we cant update system object(Call to Action) through Rules.We need to set it manually.
Please correct me  if am wrong.

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This would be a great option to do via a rule, especially if an account changes CSMs to update the CTAs associated with that account to the new CSM

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Hi Andrea, you could use the Mass Edit CTA option to reassign the CTAs.

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@lila_meyer  I want to automate this so I don’t have to keep going back and manually doing this. If it is available via Mass Edit, why am I not able to automate? It is not a field that is locked down like CTA type.

Hi @andreammelde ,

As of today its not possible to reassign a CTA via rules but we have that on our roadmap. (not just for owner but give more capabilities to update a CTA post creation). Unfortunately for you the best way available in the Mass Edit to assign CTA’s to an account CSM

Quick question: Is the CSM of the account not known at the time of the CTA creation? If its known you could assign the CTA directly to the CSM (vs assigning it to you and then to the CSM)

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@aditya_marla is this still on the roadmap? It would be very helpful to have this because we frequently have to deal with reassigning accounts, new hires, transfers, etc. It would be great if we could just set a rule to automatically grab this instead of manually spend time each month/quarter cleaning this up. 

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@cmultanen - can you share a bit more detail on the reassignment process you follow today and how that would work in your ideal state?

Based on @mpatra‘s update on a related thread, I believe this has been addressed via the “Update CTA” action within Horizon Rules?



@aditya_marla Within the Mass Edit I’d love the option to reassign to the current owner of the account instead of having to do multiple reassignments if the outgoing CSMs book of business is being broken up amongst a few CSMs.