Is it possible to have Revenue Bands display in Cockpit?

  • 19 February 2016
  • 5 replies

I don't see Revenue Bands as a selection in 'Cockpit Config'/'List View Field Config'. Is this an option that is available and I'm just overlooking it? If not, I'll enter an Idea  for this. Thanks for any guidance anybody can provide!

5 replies

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I don't see the field either, so I've added the Product Manager to comment.
As of today only numeric and date fields can be displayed as fields in Cockpit. We'll add it to the list, but no immediate plans to address this.
Would be great to have some of those fields available that are aren't numeric/date. My team was asking to have the CTA status as a column. They know they can group by that but would like an easy way to see status when grouping by other methods.
Hi Phil,

This enhancement will be available in Nov release. You will be able to add fields of all data types (except text area) in cockpit list view.


Awesome! Thanks!