Limitations with Concatenate in Horizon Rules

  • 16 February 2023
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I was taking a crack at building a rule using the Horizon Beta that would be adding a URL to a CTA linked object section using a transformation (concat) and upserting it to the custom object. I noticed that you can’t concatenate a GSID to a string with Horizon but you can in Bionic rules. I’m sure that I can make a work around but I was curious if anyone else was having this same issue or if there were plans to add this functionality in the future.


6 replies

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Thanks James!

I concur. We had the option with bionic rules, but to achieve the same effect with horizon rule we have to build a transform workaround before we can build the URL with the GSID 😕



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Acknowledge the gap. We will work on it.

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Thanks for flagging @James. Will be an issue for us as well.

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Problem for me too!

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Problem for me also!