Logging activity type:meeting to timeline from gcal

  • 18 August 2023
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I’m looking to get GS to log my meetings automatically from gcal to gainsight.  Is there a way to do that?


I was told I could use the log to timeline email address as an invitee and it would get logged, but that is not working for me.  I can log emails with it in cc or bcc, but I cant get a “meeting” to log from gcal that way.

7 replies

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Welcome to the Community, @ktorres. Glad you’re here.

I don’t know of any way to create a Timeline entry from a calendar using a fully automated method. There may be something you can configure with Zapier or another 3rd party tool, or my friends here may have thought of something I overlooked.

One piece of functionality you can employ, which will get you close, is to integrate Google Calendar with Gainsight and also use the Google Calendar widget on Gainsight Home. A Gainsight User will then see their Google Calendar within Gainsight. Hovering over any appointment will reveal the “Add Activity” button, which will start a Timeline Entry.

Folks like this partially automated solution because it doesn’t put EVERY meeting on your calendar into Gainsight and instead puts only the meetings for which you initiate the entry, and you also aren’t starting “from scratch” with a blank Timeline entry. It also scrapes the meeting attendees, with an attempt to start populating the Internal and External Attendees where the email addresses in your calendar invitation match Persons or Users within Gainsight.

This is actually super helpful - I don’t think our GS is correctly configured, but I’ll certainly be asking them to make it happen.

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Glad to help. Keep posing your questions, @ktorres. We’re a friendly bunch.

My team very much liked the Google Calendar widget on Gainsight Home. They liked seeing their calendar at a glance, alongside the summary of their book of business which Gainsight Home provides. Plus, they especially liked how clicking Add Activity populated the attendees, which otherwise is a manual step.

Hi @matthew_lind  attempted to use this feature but it isn’t scraping the people and adding them.  What am I doing wrong? When I go into the Timeline/Calendar section and add an activity there are no external people showing even though in my Google Calendar they are added to the meeting invite.


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@nburke Rats.

It could be several things, though my first focus would be determining if the meeting invitee’s have a corresponding Person, and Company Person (or Relationship Person) records which matches on email address. That’s how Gainsight determines External Attendee population; it looks for a matching Person / Company Person records based on email address.

If your Google Calendar has a meeting that includes as an invitee:

  • You click the Add Activity button from inside the appointment in the Home widget
  • Gainsight starts a Timeline entry.
  • Gainsight populates the External Attendees by attempting to find a Person and Company Person record where is in the email address field
  • Also, Gainsight populates the Internal Attendees by attempting to find a User record that matches any meeting invitees.

@matthew_lind unfortunately it does not work for me.  My attendees are in the person section and it still isn’t populating.  

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Bummer, @nburke.

Nothing else comes immediately to mind as an obvious and easy next step. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Gainsight Support for an in-depth look.