Making multiple choice drop-down field easy to read

  • 24 January 2023
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Hey guys,

I have a question about drop-down list in C360 details/attributes view:

If there is a drop-down with a multiple choice, Gainsight shows it in 1 line with “;” as a delimiter there. 

Is there a chance/workaround to show the full chosen list so it’s easy to read?  


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5 replies

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@mbond For the multi-select drop-downs, that’s the typical display, with the selected items shown as a list separated by semi-colons. 

Perhaps you would share a bit of context on what you’re trying to accomplish, and then we can brainstorm together on what solution might work for you.

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hey @matthew_lind , thanks for your reply! 

Yes, exactly, and I would like to have it shown not like: 

  • text1; text2; text3


  • text1;
  • text2;
  • text3


So in 3 rows. Do you think there could be a workaround to do that? 

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@mbond If you need them on separate rows like that, there’s one possibility, though I don’t know that I recommend it.

  • You could create a net new field of Rich Text Area type.
  • Write a rule to populate that new field based on the values inside the multi-select dropdown. In between each value, you could place the 
     for a line break.
  • Even then, Rich Text Area fields may appear with an ellipse, to click more.
  • And Rich Text Area fields are typically hard to search or filter on.

Unless you’ve got a really impactful business problem that’s solved by splitting the text onto unique lines, it’s a fairly long road for a mediocre work-around.

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Thanks Matthew! 

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I would argue this ask would make for a C360 great UI (CSM QoL) improvement story… as these fields are really difficult to consume in C360.