Mapping custom colors for Success Plans and CTAs

  • 7 November 2022
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Hi Team,


In the “Color Mapping” section I was trying to map the Success Plan and CTA fields but found that we cannot do it for all the fields.

Some of the fields are

  1. Is closed - Green color
  2. Is overdue - Red color

 Am I missing out on anything or this is yet to be enabled?

5 replies

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Hi @SaifSN 

I don’t know of any restriction on colors for those fields, though you do need to use the Add Value button to associate a color to the True value and a color to the False value. I’m attaching a screenshot using Success Plan > Is Closed as a reference.


Thanks for the reply @matthew_lind. I just read there is a limitation on Setting custom colors to the values in the lookup fields, GSID, and numeric data types is not possible.

I am trying to draw a pie chart with 3 values  - 

  1. Active - Yellow
  2. Draft - Red
  3. Closed - Green


It would have been more helpful if there was an option to set custom colors to the Status lookup

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@SaifSN A few configuration options with respect to color are available to you on the Success Plan and CTA configuration pages. Granted, you cannot select a custom color here but you can amend items toward a color more suited for your visualization.


To configure colors for Success Plan Type, Objective Category and Status:


Navigate Administration > Success Plan


To configure colors for CTA Type, Reason, Status and Priority:


Navigate Administration > Cockpit > Call To Action

@matthew_lind , thanks for sharing the links, but they seem to be broken. Can you please check?

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@SaifSN Those links will need to be customized for your own tenant, by replacing the left-most portion of the URL with the name of your Gainsight tenant. I wasn’t clear about that and have edited my previous post for clarity.

You can also use navigation menus to reach the Success Plan Admin or the Call to Action Admin pages.