Marking as CSAT vs using Matrix Radio

  • 11 June 2024
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Had a question on what the best practice would be for a survey we’re using to get feedback on CE courses. What would be the benefit of marking this question as a CSAT vs using Radio type?


1 reply


Good question.

Based on question options, Gainsight survey auto suggests to convert a question type as CSAT. That way, the responses accumulated will converge under global CSAT metric and will eventually be aggregated to every Company / Relationship as CSAT score visible under C/R360. Like NPS, CSAT too is a standard CX metric worth reporting at an Account level.

In Gainsight, the Radio Type question doesn’t aggregate at Company / Relationship level unless handled with a custom logic either keeping all the response data on a Custom Object or using Survey Flattened object.

It’s a choice that one needs to make i.e. If a question appears like CSAT,

  •  should it be treated like a first class CSAT citizen with Out Of The Box (OOTB) analytics around CSAT metric
  • or be treated like a conventional radio question type without any OOTB analytics.

Hope this helps !