Need ability to edit the CTA configs under Cockpit Configuration

  • 21 December 2015
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We have a Call to Action status "Closed Not Applicable" that was set up during our implementation and for some reason has a Category of OPEN. (see attached image).

This is causing CTAs that are closed with this status to still show as open CTAs.

I do not see a way to edit the Call to Action Statuses so that I can change the Category field in Cockpit Configuration.  I opened up a support ticket and was told this is similar to the issue I raised here:

I should have the abiilty to edit these configurations without having to go through workbench to do so.

3 replies

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Support discovered that if you double-click on the field you want to edit, it will go into edit mode and you can save the change.  Would be good if there was an indication on the page that you can edit the fields rather than having to stumble across that functionality.

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I updated our support article on Cockpit Configuration, but this is also good feedback about the UI.
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Our entire administration tab needs to be improved and these will be one of the top items that we will improve.