People Maps ability to promote person or hold a spot

  • 14 March 2023
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I have 2 questions about People Maps. 

First, is there a way to “promote” a person to a new location in the hierarchy?  For instance, let’s say the CFO leaves the org and the Sr VP of Finance is promoted to CFO.  In the People Map hierarchy the CFO is the top of the hierarchy and the Sr VP of Finance is a direct report of the CFO and has a number of their own direct reports.  I cannot replace the CFO with the Sr VP of Finance contact without first removing the Sr VP of Finance contact because they are both in the hierarchy.  If I remove the Sr VP of Finance contact, I loose all the hierarchy under the Sr VP of Finance and have to rebuild it when a new Sr VP of Finance is hired which may be some time later. 

This leads to the second question, is there a way to have a card in the hierarchy with no contact assigned to it?  This would act as a place holder until a new person is hired.  Or in the situation where you know that there is a position between the CFO and the Revenue Cycle Director but you don’t know who that person is yet.  You want to have a visual placeholder for the position.  

I appreciate everyone’s input!




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