Picklist field sunc missing in connectors.

  • 22 December 2022
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Hi Team,

We had picklist sync job in connectors 1.0 that made our life easy but with connectors 2.0. I don’t see that option to sync newly added picklist values from SFDC to Gainsight.


Could you suggest best approach to handle this situation of syncing new values added in SFDC to be synced to GAinsight.


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4 replies

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Following. We have also been struggling with maintaining this across our systems.

Hi Team,

Anything planned for this?

We will need to manually fix this picklist value changes.

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To my knowledge, there’s no automated way to sync picklist values from SFDC to Gainsight.

To mitigate, I do a few things:

  1. Keep a very open channel with my SFDC team, in hopes they’ll tip me off when changes are made. It won’t work every time, but if your SFDC team knows you are impacted, they’ll be more likely to keep you in their loop.
  2. Watch the error logs closely. When a new picklist value is added and used, the Gainsight execution logs will kick out errors that pretty clearly pinpoint that as the issue. Like it or not, it’s a regular part of my “Gainsight Health” program.

We had a picklist sync part of connectors 1.0.This has been removed in Connector 2.0.

So its better to have the picklist sync job back in connectors2.0