Playbooks - Company or Global?

  • 15 September 2022
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Is it best practice to build a playbook on the company or global level?

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It depends (as always, right?) on what you’re trying to accomplish, and what your current Gainsight configuration is. Here are a few guiding ideas, though:

  • Building a Playbook on a Global level means the Playbook will be available to both Company and Relationship records. If you build on a Company level, the Playbook will be available to Company records, but not to Relationship records.
  • If you’ve not configured Relationships now, and have no plans to use Relationships, then it sort of doesn’t matter. As a best practice then, I recommend building on a Global level. This future-proofs you some, because if you ever do deploy Relationships, your Playbook will be available “as is” without further reconfiguration.
  • If you build on a Company level, and then later deploy Relationships, you may need to rebuild or replicate your Playbooks so they are also available to Relationships.

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