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  • 12 August 2021
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Does Gainsight offer a native project management tool as part of their suite. If no, Is there a recommendation on a tool that integrates with Gainsight?

2 replies

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The Cockpit and Success Plans are the most project management like tool in the app. In Cockpit, you can assign individual tasks and in Success Plans, you can create project plans with a bunch of tasks that may stretch a much longer period. 

I personally find Gainsight is great for most project management and task management. Unless, your managing major software implementations like implementing a large enterprise ERP. 



Success Plans:

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Our company uses Mavenlink for Project Management. To integrate Mavenlink project health statuses, we have an extract run daily from Mavenlink and dropped into our S3 bucket for processing. To tie to the correct company in Gainsight, we originally mapped on Salesforce Account Id, but have recently transitioned to GSID (since both were custom, manual fields on the Mavenlink project anyway).