Requesting CS Ops Product Council Nominations!

  • 21 October 2022
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Requesting CS Ops Product Council Nominations!
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We are so excited to announce we are ready to solicit nominations for the second cohort of our CS Ops Product Council! 

What is the Gainsight CS Ops Product Council?

The Gainsight CS Ops Product Council is a group of individuals who meet every 6 weeks to discuss trends in the CS Ops Community and advise on Gainsight Product Development. 

Our program mission is to elevate CS Ops Community contributors and inspire the next generation of Customer Success software and best practices with 3 key objectives in mind:

  1. Recognize, reward, and elevate CS Ops Community contributors

  2. Leverage member's knowledge and passion to advise on Gainsight Product Development

  3. Provide a positive Community example of contribution and leadership to help grow and better the CS Ops Community 

If you’d like to learn more about the CS Ops Council details and benefits, click here.

How are selections for the Council made? 

For the 2023 Council and beyond, we want to be a program run “of the people, by the people, and for the people'' so we are also soliciting nominations directly from our GameChanger Community! 

  1. After the nomination period is closed, all identifying information is removed from each nomination and selection committee team members review and score the anonymized nominations on the attributes listed below.

  2.  Results are tallied and 15 scored nominations are offered a seat on our annual CS Ops Product Council. 

Membership is a 1-year term and are solicited annually so there will continually be more opportunities for others to participate in our Council! 

What attributes are to be considered in the nomination and selection process?

  • Supportive of making Community a richer place 

  • Quality and/or frequency of Community contributions

  • Expressed willingness to learn, think outside the box, collaborate, and help others 

  • Demonstrates empathy and kindness, models positive behavior, and is respectful of differing opinions/viewpoints 

  • Gives feedback gracefully across all Gainsight touch points 

  • Participates in CS Ops thought leadership & advocacy events (i.e. Pulse presenter, panel discussions, or other speaking engagements)

How do I nominate someone for the CS Ops Product Council? 

If you’ve engaged with someone whom you’d like to represent the Admin Community in our Council, please nominate them by completing this formAll tenure levels are welcome! *Must be on NXT. The deadline for entries is November 18th

Please note we are not accepting self-nominations. If you believe you would be a great fit for the Council and would like to be nominated, please reach out to a peer on Community or a Gainsight team member to nominate you! 


Want to hear what it’s like to be on our Council before submitting a nomination? Check out this Blog Post by two of our amazing 2022 Council Members!


  *Not all members pictured.

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Don’t be afraid to nominate someone (or ask a friend or colleague to nominate you 🙂 ) even if you don’t feel like a mega-seasoned pro! The Council and Community at large benefit the most with a diversity of opinions and experience. 

If you’re passionate about improving the Gainsight experience, or know someone who is, don’t let tenure hold you back!

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If you’re passionate about improving the Gainsight experience, or know someone who is, don’t let tenure hold you back!


Echoing these sentiments! I had only been a Gainsight Admin for 6mos when I joined the council (Level 1 certified). The product team receives valuable feedback from admins of all levels, and being a new admin gave me the opportunity to provide the perspective of someone learning the product. 

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Hoping to get selected!!!

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A funny, yet serious, question about nominations.

Are there term limits to the CSOps Product Council? More to the point, can we nominate current CSOps Product Council members for 2023?

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@matthew_lind Current Product Council members can be nominated! They’ll go through the same anonymized scoring process as everyone else. :) 

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hi @sshroff  - anyway to know if someone has been nominated?

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🎉 The results are in…check out THIS post to find out who is on our 2023 CS Ops Product Council. 🎉

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hi @sshroff  - anyway to know if someone has been nominated?

Can’t wait for @victoria_peeker_barry to check back on this thread 😌

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@anirbandutta so excited to see the news!