Roll Up the Average percentage from all Child Companies to Parent Company

  • 2 February 2023
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Currently we have a few of our enterprise level clients that are managed by the CSM but recognized within systems as different Accounts/Companies. For example; Company A - Canada, Company A - USA, Company A - UK, etc. Each of these companies has fields on it that show product usage in the form of a percentage. So let’s say Company A - Canada has 85% usage, Company A - USA has 75% usage, and Company A - UK has 80% usage. I would like the Parent Company (Company A - HQ) to show the aggregate average in their usage field, so in this case 80%. (Company A - HQ does not have it’s own usage in this use case, I would just like it to be the average of all of it’s children companies). Is there a way to configure this?

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