Scorecard Comments

  • 9 September 2015
  • 5 replies

Looking for a way to have a report that will display the scorecard color, comments and date the comments were inserted but I am not finding this easily within reports 2.0.  any guidance would be awesome.

5 replies

the only way I can show a color was by creating a UI View not a report.
Thanks Anthony

In the UI view were you also able to pull in the date the scorecard Comment was updated not necessarily when the color changed?  IF so what field did you pull in.
our scorecards are updated once a week. but there are a couple that manually get updated. in order for us to see those, we created a field to pull that information in. and we can then report on it.
makes sense but we are trying to report on where the comments are not getting updated as we expect them and we are not ready yet to roll in the validity period on a score card along with currently there is no way to to report on if the validity period has passed.
We aren't using the validity period as the date. To give you more insight, we are populating a new field that is derived from a rule. The rule looks for 'min last modified data' in the scorecard fact object. That is then written to the new date field.From that point another rule is looking for if that date field has been updated within the last 60 days and triggers a cta. but you can use the same logic to report on it maybe.