Sending email using JO to an EMAIL DISTRO LIST

I am wanting to send a comm to a few email Distribution Lists, where groups of people receive emails using just one address. Is this something JO has the capability of doing? 


Ex. Send to: (put as participant) 

Received By:,,, etc. 



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Hi @Gabmorris36 

Certainly. We can achieve that by storing the distribution list as an email associated with a designated person or company. By creating a dummy company and assigning this email to it, we can effectively incorporate it into the JO program.

#Note: It's advisable to exclusively use email for communication to prevent issues with survey responses. Sending surveys may result in the first respondent being recorded, leading subsequent respondents to receive a message stating, "You have already responded to the survey."


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Welcome to the Community @Gabmorris36 ! Glad you’re here.

Journey Orchestrator can send to any email address, whether you create a Contact / Person record to represent it, or if you add the Distribution List within a CSV file.

Were I asked to send mail to Distributions Lists, however, I would clarify what my stakeholders intend to accomplish by sending to Distribution Lists over individuals, especially if you’re considering comms to customers and other external stakeholders.

  • Generally speaking, Digital CS best practices advise targeting well, and a Distribution List may or may not represent great targeting.
  • To @Tejashwini Golla’s point, surveys would give you trouble, as the survey will be associated to the Distribution List’s email address, not individuals. That means a single person completing the survey “locks out” everyone else. That also means if a single person completes a survey, you won’t know which person actually completed it.
  • If you’re tracking Open Rates, Click Rates, etc. Distribution Lists likely skew those metrics.
  • While deliverability should be fine, you may open yourself up to more “Unsubscribe” and “Mark as Spam” possibilities, because if any single person on the Distribution List takes either of those actions, you would lose connectivity to the entire Distribution List

TL;DR: Think through your end goals and outcomes if you start down this path.