Timeline in and Existing report

In an existing report can we add the timeline notes?


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Which report?
I know in Users export, custom fields export, and I have one for admin notes. Now I am curious about timeline notes :)

In a Company report, its already setup and I just want to add the Timeline to it. if possible.

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Hi @Ginanash99 👋,

Just checking if this question is referring to our CS product (our Customer Success Platform) or Customer Communities?

I have a report that already exists the Company and I need to see the Timeline notes can be added. I am new to Gainsight so I am not sure, but I guess it would be CS Products?  I attach a screen shot to maybe it shows where i am in the report.



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Yes this is for Gainsight CS (I’ve now moved this post across to the relevant category). I’ll let our CS users weigh in...

Thank you!

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There are a couple of ways you could achieve this, but the short answer to your question is that “Timeline Notes” is not a field that is likely on your Company object and therefore not natively reportable. Timeline entries and their notes are stored as rows on the Activity Timeline object. Here are some possibilities:

  1. You could report off of the Activity Timeline object and use the Company lookup there to sort/filter by Company and see all of the Timeline Entries (or a filter of a subset of Timeline Entries).
  2. You could create a field on the Company object with a name like “Notes from Last Timeline Entry” and then write a rule that would populate that field on the Company object with the latest Timeline Entry in the Activity Timeline object for each Company.
  3. You could create a Data Designer that merges the Company Object with the Activity Timeline object on the Company GSID and then basically create your own table with all of the elements you want from both objects. Then you could report on them that way.

Are there actual instructions I can follow for these steps for above?


I was working on the Activity timeline but i can’t seem to use the Company Lookup, Hinch why i need written instructions for this. if it is at all possible.


Thank you for responding so quickly.

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Depending on which path you choose, there are different answers. You could jump on one of the Gainsight Admin office hours that are offered each week (led usually by Scot Drost who is great). Those should be posted in the events on the Community pages.

The lookup for the company should be all the way at the bottom of the field listing on the Activity Timeline object as I show in the screenshot below. It will have a “greater than” sign next to it that will expend to see all of the fields available in the lookup.


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Here is a link to the community post about the office hours that were today. You can watch the thread in this location and he usually posts the next one the day of so that people can put questions in before the actual office hours. Then he will answer them live during the call in the order people put them in. 


This is Awesome!! Thank you so much for this.