Unable to map number datatype to SFDC in CS Task sync mappings

  • 13 September 2022
  • 2 replies

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Whenever we try to map a Number datatype field in Task sync, the Task field mappings is not listing corresponding Number datatype fields from Salesforce.



2 replies

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@hemanth_kalidindi , your specific situation might require Gainsight Support for research.

In the meantime, any time you’re writing to SFDC, here are 2 best practices:

  • Ensure your OAuth user has permissions within Salesforce to any fields you wish to view or edit. (And remember, it’s possible your personal Salesforce user can view/edit the field, even while your OAuth user cannot.)
  • Use the Refresh Metadata in the Salesforce Connector, especially if the Salesforce fields are new or recently modified. Though the Refresh Metadata runs once weekly on an automated basis, running it manually can cause Gainsight to “see” any field metadata changes on-demand. More at this link.
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Thank you for the steps, @Matthew_lind 

Indeed, all the steps were followed earlier, and I can see this Salesforce fields in other modules. CS Task Mappings currently have a limitation that prevents us from seeing Numeric datatype while mapping.