Updates to Sponsor Tracking Feature

  • 18 January 2017
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The sponsor tracking feature has been down for a portion of December 2016 and we have faced a number of challenges during this period to get this feature back up. While the feature is back up and running now, some of the challenges we faced during the outage:

  • The quality of source data not being inconsistent:  The accuracy of the data has fluctuated immensely as we are verifying the data sent from our vendor

  • Trivial changes being reported:  LinkedIn has changed the way "Location" is displayed for a large set of users. For example,  the location "York, England" has been changed to  "York, United Kingdom".  This would cause a lot of false positives that most customers would not want a CTA created for this change
Based on this learning, Gainsight sees value in adding a layer of manual verification before pushing the data to SFDC and our customers. The advantages of this addition would be:

  • Data Quality:   We would have the ability to monitor the data being sent over, and be able to take immediate action if we see data quality fluctuations
  • False Positives: Identify & reject false positives being received and not push those updates to customers
We are working towards adding this layer and we are positive that it will address the concerns mentioned above.  Please look for updates to this thread on when this manual layer is added.  Thanks so much for your patience as we have worked through these issues!

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