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  • 14 March 2023
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I am trying to attach a video to my email template for JO, but the file is too big.  Is there anything I can do?

I am not sure we can adjust the file to make it smaller.

Please advise.


7 replies

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I’ve seen many folks successfully solve for something similar by linking to a video rather than attaching a video. You can then host the video wherever you like, such as Box or Google Drive or YouTube.

You can also incorporate a picture thumbnail of the video into your email and then make the picture clickable.

Bonus benefits: You’ll have more information about who clicked the video. Also, if you need to update your video, you can update the video at the hosting site instead of having to re-attach a new video to your email template.


Hey @matthew_lind ! Ok, so my CSM linked it:

Hello Andrew,


To maintain consistency and accuracy, MMIT performs quarterly lives updates.  Our updates reflect movement changes of lives between various formularies/channels, additions/removals of plans, formularies, and MCOs.


We’ve included a link to the most recent quarterly lives readout video highlighting important information that was included in the PDF presentation that was sent out earlier. Please note, our next quarterly Data and Lives Update is scheduled for release on Tuesday, April 25th, in which another recording will be provided around that time. Click this link for the readout.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions!


Thank you,

MMIT Client Success


But when I click on the link this comes up:


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@MelissaC I can’t specify a certain cause without more detail, though this looks like a permission issue with the site hosting the video. It appears one has to login with some credentials to view the video.

If you can relax the video permissions, for example saying that “anyone with the link” may view the video, the link may then prove valuable.

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@MelissaC  Agree with Matthew Lind on hosting the video externally and either embedding it within the email (it looks like the video can play but takes you to the actual video page on the hosting site - we do this with Vidyard) or a plain link. Attaching a video file would likely cause more deliverability issues than a link (embed would cause more than the link because the email becomes more heavily HTML-ized). 


My CSM fixed the link so I have permission now, but here is where it takes me when I click on it:

We don’t want our customers to have this kind of experience…  We want them to click on the link and it bring them right to the video…  Thoughts?

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@MelissaC Small steps of progress, right? 😀

This looks like a configuration or setting within SecuriSync, so working with them may unlock a solution.

One potential item to examine (and I’m no expert in SecuriSync): It looks to me like you have a URL that’s landing on a folder, and you have your desired video file inside that folder. I would research if the video file has its own URL and use that in your JO communication, so your users end up on the file rather than the parent folder.

Good luck! You’re getting there!


@matthew_lind Hey!

My CSM did some research and she doesn’t think it’s possible to create a link for our video and I am not tech savvy when it comes to that…  any other thoughts?

I read somewhere in the community about a month ago regarding this topic and now I can’t find it.  But it seemed to say that this feature was going to be beta tested soon, so I’m not sure if that is still happening.

I just wanted to see if I could find another solution.