What is the point of "promoting" connectors?

  • 12 February 2024
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Where is the “undo” button?

Logged on and needed to check a connector job when I noticed this:


What on EARTH is the point of ‘promoting’ connectors??  Suddenly because there’s a spotlight on the existence of this connector an admin is going to miraculously say “You know, we could really use PX. I think I’m gonna go make a business case to convince senior leadership to invest thousands of dollars into this product. Thanks for the recommendation Gainsight!”

All this does is push the existing configured connectors farther down the screen making us have to scroll more.  Please remove this.  It’s more nuisance than assistance.

2 replies

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Hey @darkknight - thanks for sharing this feedback.  We’re relaying it back to the teams.  

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Agree that seeing that “promoted” banner is pointless and very annoying. 

For your peace of mind, just wanted to call out that if you do have PX the widget is placed in that same place on the page 😕