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  • 22 June 2017
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We have Woopra tracking usage data, and are looking for the best way to pull that data into Gainsight for usage & reporting. Woopra has a webhook feature that allows us to run an HTTP POST anytime a user performs a specific action on our platform.

My question is, what would be the best way to get this data into Gainsight? Should we use webhooks to post to our S3? Should I post to our Matrix Data?

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6 replies

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From the Woopra CS guy:

We have an import/export API which allows you to construct a JSON file with the appropriate data which can be automated on your end as well as an HTTP API that allows you to build your own SDK.
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Hi Jason,

Hopefully I'm understand the ask correctly, you are looking for a way to integrate your Woopra data with Gainsight?

We don't have a direct connection to Woopra and we don't support ingest of JSON strings, but I would suggest using one of the following options:

  • Gainsight S3 Connector - If you can generate a CSV from Woopra, many customers do this via an ETL tool, and then import this into your S3 bucket. You can then setup your ingest jobs in the S3 connector under Administration -> Connectors.
  • Gainsight Bulk API - This option will still require you to generate a CSV, but you'll use a cURL command to ingest the file vs. loading to an S3 bucket. You can configure the setup under Administration -> Connectors 2.0.
Let me know if this helps to answer your question and if there is any additional information we can provide.
Thanks Kendra!  Could you tell me where we get the data load access token?  I assume using the Generate Curl button allows us to take that code and script it to automate the job on a recurring schedule?

Note from the Generate Curl screen: Replace [ACCESS_KEY] with data load access token
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Hi Chris,

In Connectors 2.0 did you click on the 'Create a Connection' option and generate an Access Key from there? You're assumption is correct...once you generate the Curl you'll receive the script that you need to insert the data from your end.

Let me know if this helps and if you have any additional questions!
Makes total sense.  I see how to do it now.  Thanks Kendra!
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Awesome! Let me know if we can help with anything else.