Filtering by Customer to send JO e-mails

  • 26 February 2024
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I have a use case where J.O. e-mails will be sent to users who upgrade to a certain product. My problem is I need to send a different version of that same e-mail if a new user joins the company and therefore doesn’t need the Upgrade Training but rather a New User Training.

I have tried filtering by user created date but J.O. e-mail filters only allow me to filter by Token fields.


Any insights?

Thanks in advance!

4 replies

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Without knowing your source for the JO (query, data design, event?), it’s tough to know for sure, but you’ll need to either bring in that field if it’s not already in the source and map it, or map it if it already is, before it’s available as a token.

Do you have the company’s upgrade date as a field that you could use? (ex: “user created date” is less than or equal to the “company upgrade date” gets the New User Training, otherwise if their created date is greater than the upgrade date, they’d get the Upgrade Training.

If you haven’t already, it may be worth checking in the #quickhelp channel in the GGA Slack community. 😀

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Can you confirm which JO you’re using? Dynamic or Advanced @Manoel? Filtering isn’t limited to token fields, any field in your date source can work and if in Dynamic JO, no mapping necessary. 

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Thanks for your responses, folks.

@alizee It’s an advanced J.O. that will have a series of e-mails. We are upgrading some users to a different Product but, thinking forward, in the case new users are added, we’d like to send them a different series of e-mails. I tried a Case field, but where we actually need the filter is at the e-mail level.

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Yep, variants are your best bet (if you can use the same number of emails). At least until we get dynamic content… 🙏

Otherwise you’d need to use conditional evaluate steps and check prior to sending the different emails.

If it’s helpful, you can trigger an API step that doesn’t actually do anything as the first step in a program if you need to filter your audience before the first email is sent, and use the “skip logic” in subsequent conditional evaluate steps to get an approximation of a multi-linear journey in the advanced JO tool, but it’s messy. This is an overview of how we accomplished that.