Restrict visibility of available playbooks when creating a CTA

  • 22 December 2022
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We have a set of playbooks that have a prefix of APS or ENT in the name of the playbook.

I have two teams of CSMs that are called APS or ENT.

I would like to limit the APS teams visibility to only see the Playbooks with a prefix of APS when creating a CTA. Is this possible?

I have been testing out using data permissions and do not have any luck in limiting access to only a set of Playbooks with a specific prefix eg: APS


Below screengrab shows example playbooks with prefix APS, this list is shown when creating a CTA. I’d like to restrict the playbooks in the list via data permissions

The screengrab below shows an example of trying to restrict playbook access (using data permissions) based on a prefix in the playbook name


1 reply

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Did you ever solve for this? I created an Idea for this because we’re in the same boat. Our playbooks list is getting really long so it requires some searching on the CSMs part. 


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