TEASER ALERT! Grit, Grace, and Gainsight - Pulse 2024

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Absolutely thrilled to be taking the stage at Pulse 2024 with my colleagues! Pulse was instrumental in our strategies this year, and I am certain that others can learn from our journey!

During our session, we will explore how we at SAP Concur have integrated Gainsight throughout our internal ecosystem to either reinforce or reimagine our Client Success Strategy. We’ve used iterative functionality, creative applications, and holistic engagement to keep Gainsight at the nucleus of our operations, fully embracing its potential. This has allowed for the accountability needed to make measurable progress. 

We used grit when things were challenging, and grace when things got complicated. Luckily, Gainsight was there the whole time helping us create a sustainable future state we’re proud of!

Session Info: 
Title: Grit, Grace, and Gainsight
Track 3: Powerful Value Creating Strategies for Customers
Date/Time: May 16, 2:45pm - 3:30pm CT

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Love this! @Christina.wold 
Also moving it to the All About Pulse area for more eyes ⭐

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Gainsight integration story sounds fascinating 🌟  Excited to learn from your experiences! 🙌 

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How long do you suggest a customer to spend in onboarding until they’re transitioned to long term CSM?@Christina.wold