What may seem scarier than sharks? Building a Digital Customer Journey... It's Not! Join me and the CS team from Discovery Education to learn how we conquered this fear.

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Discovery Education



It can be scary trying to build a digital customer journey! At Discovery Education we are no strangers to scary…. think shark week and polar bear field trips. Join me and my DE colleagues to learn how we navigated this challenge. Explore how we used Gainsight to ramp up our automated renewals, drive cross-sell collaboration, and build advocacy in schools and districts.

Track 7: Top Methods for Scaling CS Smarter, Not Harder

Session: Navigating the Digital Customer Journey: Strategies for Scalability and Personalization. 

Date: Wednesday, May 15th 

Time: 3:00 - 3:45 PM 




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Thanks for sharing this with us @Amber Caldwell 🔥

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What a catchy invitation! Comparing building a digital customer journey to something scarier than sharks definitely grabs attention.. 


Absolutely thrilled! @Amber Caldwell 



Looking forward to joining your session @Amber Caldwell - We are just starting this process and looking for ideas from others as we dive in.  :)

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Can’t wait for this session! 

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Hi @Amber Caldwell,

Loved the session, however, I had a question .i.e What are some criterion to kick off automated renewal journeys?