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  • 29 February 2024
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Since Custom Pages don’t fall in a category, how can I see how much traffic they get (besides using Google Analytics)?




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3 replies

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Hi @Wilder-Clari 👋,

Unfortunately it’s a current limitation that we don’t have the same analytics available out of the box for custom pages. The only way of measuring this right now is to use an external tool like GA4.

As @DannyPancratz kindly mentions below, he’s added an idea about seeing more reporting data out of the box for custom pages which I recommend voting on.

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This came up yesterday in my feedback for an enhancement that’s in beta. These analytics are a prereq, so I went ahead and added the idea added ( @olimarrio perhaps edit your reply with it and mark as the answer)


Thank you @DannyPancratz AND @olimarrio . Custom Pages need several things:

  1. Tie them to a category (and / or role) on the front end and backend
    • Front end so we can better integrate them into the site (search, etc)
    • Backend so we can report on them, and also we are doing some things with permissions and access to content that requires us to map content to customized roles. Our starting point is mapping categories to roles. Also, if you have a 100 custom pages you have to scroll through them all on the backend to find one (I don’t think you can search custom pages in the admin tool)

Lots of work to do with these. Lots of opportunity. Thanks