Gainsight Community 3.0 - A Customer Success GameChanger

  • 17 August 2022
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Gainsight Community 3.0 - A Customer Success GameChanger
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Hello GameChanger Community 3.0


Since it’s inception, The Technology muscle of the GameChanger Community (let’s call it ver2.0 since it’s last upgrade in 2019), had always been strong. That is very apparent from our heavy duty Ideas and Product Discussion usage.

While the Technology muscle grew, we knew that Gainsight stands for a much larger cause: of leading this very Human Customer Success Revolution. That not only includes the SAAS tech part of it but also Product-led growth, CS Operations, CS leadership, strategy and now Community aspects too.

We realized that as a Community we had some catching up to do with dazzling brand ‘Gainsight’. ?


Catching up

As you might have noted, with Pulse this year, we took some steps to expand our legacy Product-Support & Ideation centric Community ver 2.0 into this destination for People, Process and Tech for Customer Success. 

For e.g. you can meet @LizLee2022 of E Lee Consulting sharing her take on Gainsight’s secret to PLG 

Or @bplaster, CS Coach share why he recommends the Pulse conference

Or this very interesting convo between @carsten_schuetz, CS Leader with LeanIX and @ShawnRiedel a CS Consultant on a CSM team model for a distributed multinational

Or learn from Janae Andrews’s story about building a CS team from ground-up

Today, although Product-Ideas remain our dominant use case, the conversation has expanded way beyond.



The Redesign

Let’s go through the tactical pieces of this new look.?


Reorganizing around Customer Success Inspiration

If you are a CS Leader, CSM or in CS Ops, you now have a focused venue to “Discuss tactics to help you and customers achieve incredible success”, which is separate from the Product Discussions and Feature requests.

This new GameChanger Community, has simplified to 3 very basic routes-to-value, from the earlier 6 routes to value if you remember. 

Ask a Product Question 

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This simplified view is easy to browse. However, I no longer see the ability to follow a section (such as PX ideas).

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This simplified view is easy to browse. However, I no longer see the ability to follow a section (such as PX ideas).

thank you @mmarques and yes, Following curated content is a pursuit at inSided that we should see something of, in the coming future.

if you have Voted/Commented/Subscribed to an Idea, you are following it already.

The new Ideas feed is v actionable, although you have to visit /Ideas everytime, when sorted per Product Area, per Activity, per Status for Ideas, for e.g. for Gainsight PX.

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Ooo, it’s beautiful!! 😃

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Look what happens, when community comes together! Spectacular!

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Introducing Concierge set of initiatives on the home page,



Check it out and feel free to let us know on that post

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Thanks @revathimenon for following through with bringing about the UI refresh for the final few subcommunities that were not covered…

Gotta Love our design team for doing such amaaaaaazing banners 🥰


@anirbandutta, I appreciate how you shared vision, planning and the updates on what was implemented and why. Thank you!

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Thank you @DougCaviness.

I’ll be happy to share more real life takeaways about specific programs, order of launch, successes etc... we’ve experienced on our Community over a virtual Zoom coffee 😀

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Meeting some of the folks who made this happen in person Alistair, Tom Shaddock, Alistair, Ken and Haiko from inSided at Pulse Europe.