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  • 26 February 2024
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Here’s a run-through of the issue / question from a OVO Forum member:


One bugbear that I have with the forum.

I usually login on my laptop and go to ‘New for you’ to see what's gone on since last time, then I'll logout when I'm done.

Next time I login on the laptop it's  a new ‘New for you’.

However if I then login on my phone ‘New for you’ contains all since I last logged in on the  phone.

No other website/forum that I visit on both devices does that. New content is new whichever device I use.

The first thought might be different cookies being saved on each device - but I clear cookies from my devices daily, so if device specific cookies are being saved then they are being saved at Gainsight and not my devices.

9 replies

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Hi Tim!  That’s an interesting one that I haven’t come across before - let me circle back to our Product team to verify if that’s expected.  Thanks for flagging it with us.  

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The 'New for you' notification showing up more than once shouldn't happen, as far as I know. I'm currently checking if it's a bug related to logging in from different places/sessions. Two other communities have reported similar issues, and I'll update you when I find out more.

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Thanks for chiming-in @leo-inspired ! 

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Thanks @Kenneth R @leo-inspired.  Here’s a test by the forum member that reported this to help with this:


I had two laptops up and running (both Windows 10), plus an Android phone.
All connected to the same wifi network, all using the latest Firefox browser to access the forum.

Laptop1 -

  1. Logged into the forum, Menu bar>Forum>'New for you'.
  2. 20 Topic threads showing.
  3. Read the ones I wanted to, refreshed 'New for you', now 21 Topic threads showing.
  4. Log out and back in again.
  5. Zero Topic threads showing.
  6. Log out.

Switch to Laptop2 -

  1. Logged into the forum, Menu bar>Forum>'New for you'.
  2. Zero Topic threads showing.
  3. Log out.

Switch to Android phone -

  1. Logged into the forum, Menu bar>Forum>'New for you'.
  2. 21 Topic threads showing.
  3. Log out and back in again.
  4. Zero Topic threads showing.
  5. Log out.

So the list being cleared to zero from the first logout on laptop1 carried over to laptop2, but not to the phone.
Which appears to show that for whatever reason the clearining is not being carried across the different operating systems.

EDIT- It should of course also be tested the other way round - If it’s cleared in Android first  then is it also cleared in Windows.
I can’t test that at the moment because I’ve cleared it everywhere.

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Thanks @timcavey !  I know that @leo-inspired is looking into this and will ultimately have a much better idea than me. But…  looking at those steps to replicate I’m wondering if the Android phone still had an active session (default timeout is 48 hours unless it’s been configured otherwise) and therefore only reset after logging out and back in again.

Hi @Kenneth R 

I am the Forum member that has been talking about this with @timcavey 

The session on Android should not have been still active.
As I noted I opened the browser and logged into the forum.
It had been at least 12 hours since I last accessed the forum on the phone and I logged out when finished (I always do and always close the browser).

I've now done the second part of that testing and accessed the forum from Android first to see how things went doing it that way round.
Hopefully my testing will be of interest to @leo-inspired 

I opened Firefox on the Android phone and logged into the forum.
21 topic threads were listed in 'New for you'. (Just a coincidence, they were a different 21 to yesterdays).
Loged out and back in, the list has been cleared to now show zero topic threads.
Loged out, closed the browser.

Switched to the Windows laptop and logged in there
Zero topic threads were listed in 'New for you'.

So on this occasion the list had been cleared in both Android and in Windows at the same time.

That seems about as far as I can go with testing as a user, but if you’d like me to try something else then just give a shout.

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That is interesting, thanks for the extra clarification @Nukecad !  We appreciate the detailed feedback and steps to replicate - super helpful.

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Any update on this, @leo-inspired ?

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Any update on this, @leo-inspired ?

I’ve done some tests, but couldn't consistently recreate the bug. Still looking into it though.

Have you heard of anyone else having this issue lately?