C360 Layout Assignments - enable the use of "AND"

  • 24 April 2017
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While the ability to assign different C360 layouts is great, it would be even better if we could use "AND" not just "OR".  We have situations where we want to assign a layout based on Role (all good) but then ALSO by other account attributes.  Right now we only have an option of role OR attribute.  So certain accounts have sections in the C360 that do not apply to them (product based) but clutter up the nav list.

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6 replies

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Hi Heather,

The ability to assign different C360 layouts is currently  working with AND condition. To be more precise on point,  both of the given conditions should be true. If anyone one condition is not true,then we show the default layout. 


sorry I wrote it backwards...and really mean to say that I would like to look at multiple account attributes or user attributes, not just one.  For instance, if type = "Customer" AND (X status = Y OR Z status = Y) then assign this layout.

And would be great to use 'contains' instead of '='.  example - for a user attribute we may have slight variations (ie for role or title) but I have to put all the variations as multiple layout assignments.  

I being part of the team member who built this can shed some light. The main reason we allow this AND condition and limit user to only 2 fields is performance of C360.

We evaluate these rules to determine the matching layout at run time - meaning at the time of page loading. If had there many many criteria for example (A and B or C), the time taken to resolve them would go up drastically. 

Thus limiting to two fields and "AND" operator resulted in optimal model to resolve the criteria, also we restrict number of layouts to 10. 

Work around : You can create a formula field on Account that evaluates to a value that categorizes the account. Then use this to resolve layout. 

I hope that helps. :)


Bringing this one back up now as it has been a while. 

Are there still resource limitations to C360 layouts limiting to only 1 account-level filter? 

We have a quickly growing need for two. Otherwise, we will exposing more information than necessary for a growing portion of accounts. This information is irrelevant and clutters the layout.

What are the most recent updates on this?

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Hai @ben, its been long time we heard from you, welcome back!!  Thanks for bumping this up. 

Let me check the update from the product team and get back to you. 


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Hey, @ben thank you for sharing your thoughts here. This has been addressed in the NXT edition of the product. We currently do not have any plans of changing this for the SFDC edition. Please consider upgrading to the NXT edition if this is critical.