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We are looking for a way to calculate change in customer health score (overall). My basic research (I am not knowledgable in the area of MDA scorecard options) shows that the "Company" object has a "Current Score" and "Previous Score" value. This would imply that the data exists.

What I am looking to do is calculate the differential between these two field values. If it's a non-zero value, then do an action (TBD). 

My three questions:

  • Am I looking at the right fields?
  • How would someone calculate this in the nature described?
  • How can I capture both positive and negative values?

Thanks everyone!

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Hey Ben,

This is totally possible just as you've described. 

In a bionic rule, you would have a dataset fetch from Matrix Data > Company– Current Score –> Score and Previous Score –> Score. (I would also include a filter for Previous Score –> Score ≠ Null, otherwise you'll get errors that the change in score is Null)

Then you can add a Transformation task and include a formula field with the expression: Current Score - Previous Score. This will account for both positive and and negative changes that you can filter for in Setup Action. (e.g. 'Change in score' > 10, do TBD action.)
Awesome, that worked great. Thanks for the help!
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Solid– glad it worked out!

Hi there! I was trying to do the same as above, but in my case, I’m getting an error because both fields current and previous score are string fields and I don’t know how to change it. Can someone advise?

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Hi @JaneProcurify you can do this in a Rules Transform task by comparing two fields in a filter. This will allow you to filter out either records where both values match or where they do not match (depending on your use case). 



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@JaneProcurify did you get a chance to view the comments? Please let us know if you need any help here. 

@JaneProcurify did you get a chance to view the comments? Please let us know if you need any help here. 

yes, thank you, my problem was solved