Can we set a color palette to be relationship specific?

This technote indicates how to set a color palette for our graphics.

I have set the color scheme to use our brand's colors - this way any graphic presented inside emails sent to clients will be harmonized with the banners and other material we produced.

We use relationships to segregate the CS data for each brand in our company. Some companies may segregate products with relationships. Different brands or products do not necessarily share the same color schemes.

Is the color scheme system wide? 

If so, how about an enhancement to allow the setting of color schemes to be by relationship?


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Hi Diane,

As you noted, the color scheme is system wide as it's related to that specific object - so anywhere that object is used in reporting, the visualizations will reflect the color scheme chosen. 

I'm assuming from your example that you might be sending out reports to customers showing details about their usage of your products? One possible way to accomplish the custom color branding that you mentioned would be to create a separate table to store the data that you intend to send to your customers. This would allow you to set product relationship specific colors for each product relationship object. 

You could still keep all of the primary data in the current tables, and accomplish this by using a rule to copy the relevant data to the new product relationship specific objects that would be used only for reporting purposes. 

Has this been scheduled into the plans?

Any plan to make color scheme relationship specific rather than system wide?