Cockpit showing CTAs with outstanding tasks owned by other users

  • 1 November 2018
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In our company we have accounts with allocated CSMs and AMs. For some of my CTAs I have tasks owned by the AM. I have completed all my tasks in the CTA but the AM still has at least one outstanding. Am I able to set it so that my Cockpit only shows CTAs with outstanding tasks in my name. Adoption rates with the AMs is low so my cockpit is filling up with overdue CTA/Tasks that need no action by me.


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4 replies

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Hi Jon, for those CTAs are you still the overall owner or is the CTA itself owned by others?

The CTAs are owned by me. I have been wondering if there are no tasks left in my name then I should change the CTA ownership to the person who still has active tasks.

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In that case, Jon, you'll have to either chase down the individuals who own open tasks on the CTAs that you are the owner of, or reassign those CTAs to a new owner, to get them to disappear from your cockpit.

Thanks, Think we are going to change the CTAs into the other users name. Thanks for your help.