Common Rules Used

Would anyone mind sharing some of the higher value rules used by your organization?  We have 11 set-up but the higher value ones to us are: 

90 Days to Renewal (w/ CTA and Playbook)

Change in Licensing (Add/Remove/Renew/Churn - w/ CTA)

New Customer / CSM Assignment (Kicks off our welcoming process playbook)

New Feature Enabled (Milestone and Feature Update)

Sponsor Tracking Rule

Lack of Customer Engagement (w/ CTA and Playbook)

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Jason - thanks for sharing!

Looks like we have some work to do on rules. I like the new feature enablement. 

Here is a summary of ours:

-Drop in activity (various forms of this)

-Increase in activity

->80% utilization of existing licenses (upsell opportunity).

-Upcoming renewal

-Drop in health score

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So excited to see these!  Keep them coming.  In the future, I want to get to the point where we let clients share them in the product itself.
Definitely agree - content is extremely valuable to all customers!
Thanks Chad - I would love to hear how you measure drop in activity.  We have some usage metrics and track from a CSM engagement perspective but would also be interested to hear how others measure.
We look at percentage decreases over time, lack of specific activity within a given time period etc... We also look for less than a minimum number of logins over a period of time. 

Another rule I missed: Customer hasn't launched within a specific timeframe
We also measure drops and upticks in usage.  What we do is take the previous thirty days and compare it to the average of the previous 90 days.  We also have a rule for technical support instances and variances in the pattern of usage
Thanks Pat...we are moving to Service Cloud and intend to leverage rules w/ case volume increases/decreases.
We also look at a change in NPS score (drop below 7 and incremental increase above that). 
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My current client does not have usage data, therefore our list of CTA rules looks like this:

1) Past due invoices (also impacts scorecard)

2) Detractor/Promoter NPS score received

3) Support tickets related CTA:

  • Over 4 support tickets are open concurrently (each for over 3 days)
  • P1 support ticket opened
  • Ticket escalated to R&D
  • No support tickets in the past 3 months
4) Standard Sponsor Tracking Rule

5) Customer journey related rules:

  • New customer (assign CTA)
  • Update customer info based on account attributes (stage, tags, etc)
  • Customer went live
  • Customer transitioned to support (+30 days and +100 days with different playbooks or automated email campaigns sent from Gainsight's rule)
6) Renewal related: We had a couple of renewal related calls to action to, but we ended up disabling it because they created too much "noise" and the team felt they had a good handle of the queue via SFDC reports and their weekly meetings. The rules included:

  • 60 days to renewal
  • 30 days to renewal
  • Renewal lapsed
7) Automating scorecard:

  • NPS (min score submitted in latest survey)

  • IPO preparation (based on changes to account object field)
  • Billing issues (based on invoices past due)
  • Campaigns (based on email campaign rates sent through GS)
  • Support (based on various criteria)
  • Turnover (based on sponsor tracking)
  • Education (based on LMS portal activity)
  • Community (based on community portal activity)
  • usage % (based on data from Sales ops)
We have CTAs/Playbooks for the following:


Renewal - 120 out

Collections Challenge

Sev1 Entered

Contact Changed

Quarterly Review

Missing Win Report

Delay in Going Live

Renewal At Risk
We have CTAs/Playbooks for the following:


-CSM to CSM transition

-Renewal - 120 out

-Standard Sponsor Tracking Change

-Support case open more than 30 days

-P1/P2 support case opened

-More than 3 support cases open

-Expiring professional services time - 120 out

-NPS detractor/promoter
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Several of you mentioned having Renewal CTAs. Are your renewal dates stored in SFDC? Or do you do a created_on + x number of days?
renewal dates are in SFDC Opps as a data field
Hi Tom! Do you have a rule that triggers your Quarterly Review CTA? And if so, do you mind sharing what the filters in the rule look like? I'm having trouble figuring out the dates (i.e. drop a CTA every first day of each quarter, such as Jan 1, April 1, etc. and how that would work).
we/I do have a rule.    It currently triggers off the TERM of the customer along with looking at the start date of the latest closed won opportunity.   Unfortunately, there are numerous actions (and criteria) when creating this CTA.   That all said, we are looking at changing our ways and chaining CTAs (or creating a new Qtrly CTA, once the previous Qtrly CTA closes).

Old Way:

if 12 month term, and if start date = rule date - 70 days , then generate a Qtrly CTA due in 20 days  (which makes 90 days total ; ie first quarterly review)

if 12 month term, and start date = rule date -  160 days, then generate a Qtrly CTA due in 20 days,


New Way:

- generate Qtrly Touchpoint CTA 90 days after first becoming customer.   When this CTA closes, generate the next Touchpoint CTA , 70 or 80 days out...

Ping me directly and Im glad to go over my new simpler way of operating/rule/cta generation