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  • 12 June 2018
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Is it possible to require the user to create a Linked Object in a CTA, if a specific CTA Reason is selected?

Example: If they select CTA Reason "At Risk - ...", they must create and populate the "At Risk" Linked Object. 

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4 replies


You can make these fields Mandatory in the setup of the CTA Detail view for the CTA Type you are mentioning (this will not stop a User from changing the Status and Priority with the field blank however -- it will only stop edits to the custom section if the field is not filled).

For more advanced validations, the UI will support standard SFDC Validation Rules.  You can set one up on the Call to Action object with something like this:

AND(JBCXM__Type__r.Name = 'Risk', ISNULL(<custom field>))

This will stop ANY update to a Risk type CTA if the custom field is blank!
Misread your original post, in order to do Reason level validation, you will need to use an SFDC Validation Rule like the one I posted above, but on Reason instead of Type.

The mandatory fields in the UI are type specific and won't work on the Reason level only.
Ok, thank you.  Just want to make I understand -

So we would set up the Validation Rule in actual Salesforce, not Gainsight, correct?  I don't see the Call to Action object listed on the left side of Setup (in Salesforce).

And then we would be able to use the CTA Reason field to ensure that a new Linked Object is created if certain Reasons are selected?
That's correct.

In order to see custom objects in Salesforce, you need to go the Objects (Object Manager if using Lightning) within Setup screen.  There you can find the Call to Action object and define the Validation Rule on the object itself, creating your Validation Formula similar to the one above -- using the Reason field instead of the Type field in my example.

Hopefully this helps.