Does current Account Hierarchy feature solve your roll-up needs?

  • 29 November 2017
  • 1 reply

Hello all,

We are currently researching into ways to improve Account Hierarchy feature and see how we can better serve our customers. I would like to reach out to all GS users who have configured Account Hierarchy feature or use it to gather insights of the accounts. 

We are looking for

  • Current problems that Account Hierarchy currently not solving for you?
  • Lookups that are currently not supported which would better help manage your clients
  • UI Enhancements you would recommend. 

Your inputs would help us decide the direction we need to take for designing better experience around Account Hierarchy feature.

1 reply

We use the Account Hierarchy feature in both Salesforce and Gainsight. Right now, I appreciate that we can see individual Financial data, usage, contract data, projects and associated opportunities for the children accounts, but I also like that some of that can be combined in reporting on the C360. This makes it easy for me to see the value and status of each account and the total relationship, as well. 

Thank you for asking!