Executive escalation on Risk

  • 6 February 2024
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I am working on some changes to our risk management and have come to the point of exec escalations for CTA’s. Just curious how other people are doing this and anything they would have done differently. Thanks!

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Hi There,

I hope this helps!


To configure and manage executive escalations for CTAs in Gainsight CS, you can follow these best practices:


1. Configure CTA Types and Priorities: Utilize the 'Risk' CTA type for executive escalations as it represents negative trends with customers. Set up specific priorities for these CTAs to reflect the urgency of executive attention needed.

2. Automate CTA Creation: Set up rules to automatically trigger a 'Risk' CTA when certain conditions are met, such as a drop in health score or other critical risk indicators.

3. Define Escalation Path: Establish a clear escalation path and include it in the CTA so that team members know who to contact and what steps to take when an executive escalation is needed.

4. Assign Owners and Due Dates:Ensure that each CTA has a clear owner and due date to manage accountability and track progress effectively.

5. Use Cockpit for Visibility: Encourage CSMs to use the Cockpit to manage and track these high-value CTAs and ensure they are not lost in day-to-day tasks.

6. Review and Refine: Regularly review the process and outcomes of executive escalations to refine the triggers, escalation paths, and actions taken for continuous improvement.

Remember to keep the CTAs at a high level and use them for significant alerts that require executive attention to avoid diluting their impact.


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Thank you.