Expose or Display Customer View in the Dashboard

  • 7 October 2022
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Is there way to expose and custom view CTA into the Dashboard similar to a cockpit?

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@christian.rugas Welcome to the Community!

You should be able to build a Report (visit Report Builder).

  1. Once there, build on the MDA > Call To Action object.
  2. Drag fields you find interesting into the “Show Me” section. Your Report will start as a Table-style Report, similar to a Cockpit view, though you can change to graphs for a more visual experience.
  3. Think about Filters. Your Report, by default, will display every single CTA all-time. Consider if you want to display only open CTAs, or only Risk CTAs, or only CTAs from active customers. Most Reports benefit from some filtering to maximize actionable information.
  4. Save your Report.
  5. You may need multiple Reports if you want to show multiple views of your CTAs. For example, if you want to show Open CTAs on one Report, and then recently Closed CTAs on another, that’s two separate Reports.
  6. Visit Dashboard Builder, and drag your Report(s) onto a Dashboard. (In nearly all cases, you cannot display Reports to end users until you place those Reports onto a Dashboard.)

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